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Wednesday, February 27 at 11:15 AM
Category: Personal Finance

Do you ever get tired of re-entering your credit card number and billing address for online payments? Do you ever worry about the security of online credit card transactions? Online payments are now even easier and safer with V.me by Visa. V.me by Visa is a service which allows you to store your credit card number(s) and shipping preferences so you don’t have to manually enter them in for each online payment you make. You can store credit card numbers from Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. The benefits are the service is streamlined, secure and free.


  • Enter your email address and password during the checkout process at sites where V.me is accepted
  • Accumulate the same credit card rewards you already receive when using your card(s)
  • Use on your mobile phone, tablet or computer


  • Multiple layers of security keep your payment information safe
  • Timely customer service available to resolve issues
  • Customize alerts about purchases


  • No fee to enroll or make purchases.

For more information about V.me by Visa, visit www.v.me*. 

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